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The Digger's View: World War I in Colour

Never before have images of The Great War been so immediate and visceral.
Take a look at World War I through the eyes of those on the front lines.

The Diggers View is a full colour case bound publication that takes a new approach the The Great War, a collaboration between Juan Mahony & Kent Rowe. Five years in production the book was published in conjunction with the 100 year commemoration of WWI. All images have been authentically restored and coloured to accurately portray what the diggers world was like and how they saw themselves. The narrative is supplied by the diggers themselves sourced from original diaries, postcards and letters home providing their heartfelt opinions and deepest thoughts.

To fully appreciate what the Australia Imperial Forces and their families experienced during this period and why its so important to our society today, we need to know and respect how they suffered so greatly, The Diggers View provides this link.


"The Digger's View is an excellent representation of World War 1 as it displays the soldiers' lifestyles. Every page you turn is like opening a door into Australia's history during this time of conflict. The photography is mesmerizing and eye-catching. This book is an original contribution to WWI resources for schools in that the author has added colour to so many, often already familiar, black and white images.”
History Teachers' Association of South Australia Kooringa magazine.

"A book such as this will do much to illustrate the human and personal dimensions of WWI "
-Govenor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove.

"The Digger's View. WWI in Colour is a magnificently produced high quality book that will create a connection with any reader. If you only buy one book to mark the Anzac Centenary, The Digger's View. WWI in Colour should probably be it. "
Colonel Marcus Fielding, President of Military History & Heritage Victoria.

"The Digger's View. WWI in Colour is not only a beautifully crafted pictorial and narrative history of our involvement in World War 1, it is also a book that stands out like a beacon as one of the most important books on the topic to be published in the year leading up to the 100th anniversary of our involvement in the Great War."
Ted Basingthwaighte NSW Police News

"Only rarely do I review a book that hits me as hard as The Digger's View. WWI in Colour. The Digger's View is striking on several accounts. While there have been dozens of very valuable self published histories few have reached the heights of The Digger's View".
John Hunter Farrell, Australian & New Zealand Defender Magazine.

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