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Cross Media Marketing


Cross Media Marketing

What is cross media marketing and why should you care?

To put it simply, people are using less paper.

Email – the internet – smart phones – these are the tools for gathering and sharing information today.

To make your printed material stand out, you need to help it communicate with your clients and allow them to interact in other ways.

Our one-to-one marketing strategies can consolidate your current marketing material with personalised web pages, emails, social media, and even text messaging; specifically targeting their interests and desires.

Is print advertising enough to attract new (or keep existing) customers?

Print material still is, and will be, a core component of customer interaction, but the other avenues opening up are becoming more and more prevalent by the day.

Currently 87% of small-to-medium businesses have some social media interaction, and the need to align this with your other marketing strategies to create consistent and effective communication is more important now than ever.

How does this even work?

Our team can utilise an existing database, or help you compile your own, and interpret the data in a number of ways. Then using traditional methods (print) to reach your client base (see our Variable Data Printing page for more information about our personalised, one-to-one print marketing), we encourage customers to visit personalised web pages and, with their consent, begin to build an archive of electronic data and means of contact.

The image below describes in simplified terms how this is achieved, and how in the future this will reduce costs for you; in reduction of waste and excess printing, and a significant increase in customer interaction and satisfaction.

Cross Media Marketing Flow Chart

If this all sounds confusing, it really isn't.

We'll handle all the complexities so you can just handle the cost reductions and increased customer interaction.

Are there any contracts or hidden costs?

Definitely not. All our cross media campaigns are self contained, priced and tailored individually to exactly your requirements. There are no contracts or commitments.

Is my information secure?

It certainly is. Information security and confidentiality is one of our priorities, and any information you supply or that we gather through the course of campaign is stored securely on our encrypted server, which is backed up daily.

Get in touch with us today and see how we can tailor our marketing strategies to your own business, or simply to discuss what cross media is all about.

We're more than happy to help.

Call us today on (02) 4962 3202 or drop us a line directly at: sales@krdprint.com.au

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